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Too Large Files? Try File Splitter and Joiner

Download a trial version of Files Splitter And Joiner 3.8.1 here

File Splitter and Joiner is great tool designed and implemented to allow you split a file into several chunks, and then join them together to recreate the original file.

You can use this tool if you have a large file that needs to be sent over the web, or stored on external devices which are smaller in size.

The user-friendly interface has three tabs: Splitting, Joining, and MD5 Checksum.

In the Splitting section, you select the source file and the output directory. Then you can either choose from splitting the file into the desired number of parts (which are equal in size), or splitting the file after every given number of storage units (expressed in bytes, kB, MB, or GB).

The latter option is recommended when you know the exact size of the source you wish to use for transferring the split file.

You can also delete the source file after splitting, and use a password to encrypt parts.

In the Joining section, you select the source of only the first part (in case all split parts are in the same source), as well as the output file.

If the split parts are in separate folders, then File Joiner will compile all the split parts found in the source of the first one, after which you will be prompted to provide the path to the missing part.

There is also the option of deleting split parts after joining.

Files Splitter and Joiner has The MD5 Checksum section which contains MD5 signature, which is an algorithm that verifies data integrity between transferred files (you can compare two files to see if they are identical in signature).

  • Intuitive and attractive user interface
  • Easy to use: Tool has a friendly user-interface, it can be used to split any file
  • A file checksum calculator tool
  • Simple to use. It doesn't need any installations or complicated DLLs
  • uses an advanced encryption algorithm to make your data much more secure from unauthorized access
  • Highly customizable features and user interface
  • Optimizes memory usage and disk-cache
  • Amazing enterprise-ready scalability, performance and efficiency
  • Safe to use. It is free and clean, doesn't contain any form of spywares, adwares, viruses, trojans
  • and much more ...